About Trade-Pharm Sp. z o.o.



Trade-Pharm Sp. z o.o. was founded in 2005 by pharmacists for pharmacists. For 16 years, it ran a pharmaceutical wholesale business in Warsaw, 11 Ratuszowa Street. In order to meet the increasing market requirements and restrictive Good Distribution Practice regulations, it opened a new pharmaceutical wholesale company under the name “tradepharm” in Konstancin-Jeziorna, 7/9 Świetlicowa Street, for which the Chief Pharmaceutical Inspector issued the authorisation no. NZOH.5100.63.2021.MG.3 dated 20 October 2021. (ID 110975), at the same time revoking, at the company's request, the authorisation of the previous localisation by decision no. NZOH.5101.30.2021.MKO.3 (ID 106071).

Trade-Pharm has, successively year after year, built a network of reliable suppliers from the European Union, the United States, Canada, Japan and India. We hold our suppliers to the highest standards of quality and safety, identity and price competitiveness of the products. More than a dozen years of activity on the international market and participation in international pharmaceutical fairs have strengthened our cooperation with suppliers and allowed us to stay up to date with trends in the medicine distribution chain. We have become known as reliable experts in the pharmaceutical sector. Buyers value us for our professionalism, integrity, efficiency, flexibility and care for the patient's health safety.

The company has gained the most extensive experience in the procedure of so-called individual import for named patient basis, intervention import, import of medicines not available in Poland, orphan drugs used for rare diseases (and not distributed domestically), bio analytical supply, on-interventional marketing research products and products for drug development research. The offer of importing medicinal products and foodstuffs for special medical purposes is addressed to pharmaceutical wholesalers, healthcare entities, hospital pharmacies, hospital pharmacy departments, pharmacies open to the public, universities, research institutes, scientific institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences, other units carrying out continuous scientific research or development work on medicines, healthcare entities, with regard to medicinal products used for clinical trials and other entities authorised to purchase products from pharmaceutical wholesalers.