Pharmaceutical wholesale tradepharm


The pharmaceutical wholesaler “tradepharm” specialises in importing medicinal products and foodstuffs for special medical purposes that are unlicensed or unavailable in Poland through so-called “individual import” for named patient basis or “intervention import” for shortage products. The increasing problem of global production shortages and difficulties in ensuring the availability of medicines is forcing healthcare professionals to seek alternative treatment therapies. Our team has the right tools, expertise and industry experience to find the country where the sought-after medicine is available and deliver it in emergency cases to save the patient's health or life.

More than a decade of professional experience of our specialists and managers helps to efficiently and quickly provide reliable information on currently available medicinal technologies, imported only in accordance with the applicable procedures and regulations of the Pharmaceutical Law. While monitoring the growing threat of online sales of counterfeit medicines, we pay special attention to the safety of the entire logistical process, from the thorough procedure of supplier qualification, through detailed verification of the identity of the products, to their safe transport. The temperature-controlled transport of ambient +(15-25)°C and cold sensitive +(2-8)°C distribution chain is carried out by audited transport companies in accordance with the provisions of the Minister of Health's Regulation on Good Distribution Practice.

In order to meet the clients’ expectations and take utmost care for the safety of the patient's therapy, we invite buyers who are authorised to purchase products from pharmaceutical wholesalers to contact us. However, according to the regulations, patients cannot purchase from wholesalers but only from pharmacies. Therefore, patients are informed about the availability of medicines by the pharmacy.


Import of medicines by pharmacists for pharmacists